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$89.95 For  3 Room Of Carpet Cleaning.

$20 Per- Extra Room.


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Carpet Cleaning

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wRight Clean Offers The Best Quality Carpet Cleaning Service At A Price That Every One Can Afford We Steam Clean Your Carpets Like Our Competitors We Clean Carpets And Remove The Dirt And Other Debris That Over Time Can Cause Your Home To Be Filled With Allergens Polluting Your Home & Reducing Your Air-Quality This Could Cause Cold like Symptoms Like Runny Eyes And make It Hard To Sleep At Night But No Worries I Good Cleaning Will Remove Up to 90% Of   Allergens That Your Carpet Collects From Day To Day Use  and did you know that not having your carpet professionally cleaned causes your carpet to smell well think about it carpets are made of fabric like a shirt and if you use a shirt and don’t wash it over time it will start to smell your carpet is the same way without having it professionally cleaned at least once or twice a year this is according to IICRC. Or you can just ask Google but it is true beside your carpet is one of the biggest investments you’ll make on your home and with Professional Carpet Cleaning it will last for years to come We use Hot Water Extraction to clean carpets like DalWorth and Stanley Steammer but we dont charge as much as they do but we have the same quality of service with our 30 day guarantee. But we also offer Dry Carpet Cleaning like Chem-Dry or Dry Masters which is basically a low moisture carpet cleaning call encapsulation which is when the soil is encapsulated and crystallized once it is dry which is less then 2 hours. So if you want Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning or Hot Water Extraction we got you cover our Technicians are highly trained and very knowledgeable when it comes to cleaning your carpet and most warranties ask that you have your carpet cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner not with a D.I.Y Rug Doctor which will take you all day to do plus you get no guarantee on the work. It’s better to let the Pro’s handle it dont’s you think?




Our Carpet Cleaning Service Includes :

1: We asses the area’s to be cleaned or Walk Through this is when we go from room to room asking you questions concerning the carpet Like (Do you Know how long that spot has been there? or Did the last company apply carpet protector?) Then after the Walk Through or Assessment we will give your our game plan and what we expect (Remember If You Don’t Like It It’s Free)

2: Pre-Vacuuming- We first vacuum using a HEPA filtered commercial grade vacuum cleaner which removes 89% of the dry soil (Dirt, Dust and Silt) from your carpet this is the most important step because if you don’t remove the Dry Soil it becomes mud and is very hard to remove from your carpet and once it dries up its now in chunks that will cause fiber back down or ware.

3: We Apply Pre-Conditioner (Pre-Treatment)to the carpet mainly the Spots & Heavily Soiled Areas and we allow 10 to 15 minutes of Dwell Time this allows the pre conditioner time to separate the soil from the carpet fibers.

4: Then we choose the Best cleaning method between Hot Water Extraction or Quick Dry (Non-Residue Dry Foam) it really depends on the situation and what You want, bout methods work great one just Dry’s faster but once we assess your carpet we will explain what will work best for your situation.

5: We clean behind doors and small closets are Free!

6: We groom your carpet with a carpet rake this helps the carpet dry faster by rising the fibers up so air can move trough them better

7: We assess or walk through again with you if you had areas of concern we go there first. Then we Ask You if you Like It? you say Like It ? No I Love It !!!!! Great Job we say Thank You So Much !

*Note: All carpets are not the same and every situation is very different so additional services may be needed to remove certain spots like pet stains or wine we call the exotic spots



Tips: On How To Keep Your Carpet Looking Great.

  1.  Vacuum 3 or 4 days a week.  Carpet will stay looking newer longer if vacuumed on a every other day basis, usually 3 to 4 times per week.  This prevents build up from dirt and sand that cause wear and damage to the carpet fibers. 

  2. Have your carpet professionally cleaned by wRight Clean when it looks visibly soiled or dirty to you.  If you wait too long between cleanings some spots can become permanent stains as well as allowing high traffic areas to become visible and harder to remove.

  3.  And don’t use grocery store spotter and stain remover products on your carpet.(Unless You Know What Your Doing) Cause most of the products are just soap and will only attract soil after the application.  In addition, the main ingredients in most of these types of products are optical brighteners that only make spots and stains appear less obvious for a short time.  Eventually the stain will return.  Instead, at the time of a spill blot up as much as you can and use a small amount of water and continue to blot.  If your carpet has a scotch guard protection from the manufacturer or added by our service the spot can be easily removed with a professional cleaning by wRight Clean


Ed came out to clean my carpet and he did a amazing job my carpet had dog odor from our new puppy and we had to get it cleaned Ed explained what he needed to do inoder to remove the odor and he did house smells great and looks great Thank you Ed
— Andrea F Dallas Tx


Hi I Called wright clean cause i was in need of the carpet cleaning service the same day I called two other carpet cleaning companies but they were to busy but these guy saved me Thanks Anthony for the same day service and they got there in a hour
— Tony ,m /Addison tx


They did a great job cleaning my carpet im very pleased and i will use them again and ask for Edward he was really good nice guy
— sophia m / plano tx


Best Cleaning Experince Ive Had Great Service I Will Use Them Again
— MIA ROWLAND /irving TX

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wRight Clean Promise

We Only Use The Best Cleaning Products Available  (Green Products ) and All Our Service Technicians are Highly Trained And Background Checked With at Least 5 Years Of Carpet Cleaning Experience we know what it takes to restore your carpet to like new condition And You get Our 30 Day Guarantee on All Our Services Book Online Today Save 5%  Just Click The Book Online Button 

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About Us

wRight Clean was started in 1998 We were In the Commercial Cleaning Field For 5 years  Then I Started Residential Cleaning  In 2003  And We Continued To Grow By Delivering High Quality Work For Our Great Customers Who Helped Us Grow By Referring Us To There Family & Friends. We Take Pride In Our Work And Always Go Above And Beyond To Do The Best Job Possible For All Our Customers Plus We Give A 30 Day Guarantee On All Our Services Because We Are Really Great At What We Do Is All In Our Name wRight Clean.

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