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wRight Clean Offers Area Rug Cleaning At the best prices available.We offer In-Home Area Rug Cleaning and also in shop cleaning with Free Pick-Up and Delivery The In-Home area rug cleaning is only cleaned on one side which is the top or pattern side and the In-Shop cleaning is both side of the area rug including the Fringes

area rug cleaning

Both of our cleaning processes are great depending on the condition or your area rug and what it is constructed of such as Man-made or Naturally Fibers we highly recommend the in shop cleaning only because we are able to clean both sides of the area rug and the In-Home method want allow us to clean both side of your area rug. But as mentioned before it really depends on the over all condition of the area rug like how soiled it is and if it has pet stains or odor but rest assure if you don’t know what type of cleaning your area rug needs we can help you with that decision. We are Highly trained Area Rug Cleaners and have been cleaning them for over 20 years and we know that all rugs are not made the same.

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